Letterbreckaun (Maumturks Mountains)

Letterbreckaun or in Irish Binn Bhriocáin (Brecan’s Peak) is situated on Northwestern part of the Maumturk Mountains in Co. Galway.

Letterbreckaun, known as Binn Bhriocáin in Irish, gracefully occupies the northwestern region of the Maumturk Mountains in County Galway. This mountain proudly claims the title of the second-highest peak within the Turks range, boasting a rugged terrain adorned with quartzite.

Embarking on a walk towards its summit begins in the Inagh Valley, unveiling a breathtaking panorama that encompasses the majestic Bens, Killary Fjord, Glenlosh Valley, and Binn idir an dá Log.

Traversing this remote section of the Western Way at the mountain's base offers a profound sense of solitude, as you journey through the untamed wilderness. The landscape, characterized by its dramatic quartzite formations, captivates the senses and immerses you in its unspoiled beauty. Once atop Letterbreckaun, the views are nothing short of spectacular, revealing the vast expanse of the surrounding area with its awe-inspiring sights.

With every step, this expedition promises an enchanting experience, allowing you to connect with nature and revel in the serenity that envelops you throughout the journey.

Length - 11km
Height Gained - 760m
Highest Point - 667m
Difficulty - B Walk (Medium)

*The designed walks are liable to change on the day due to inclement weather, mountain guide instructions or landowner stipulations.

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